Vladimir Stos - Processing grain crushers
Vladimir Stos - Processing grain crushers
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Instructions for use

Crusher starting:

1)     Put the crusher on the ground hopper (N) first; insert the legs (pipes) into the base (G) and lock them. When this has been done turn the machine over to its working position.


2)     Connect the mains cable to the socket. Make sure the crusher roller rotates in the correct direction by pressing the black button (D) on the mains switch (H). Check whether the revolution control screw (K) turns in the direction of the arrow above the screw. If it is turning in the other direction, you have to switch the phases (poles) in the machine. Switch the machine off with the red button (E). Before filling the hopper (N) make sure the blocking plate (C) is in place and prevents the grain from falling into the space between the crusher rollers (M). If the grains get into the space before starting the motor, the rollers get stuck and the motor does not start running. In such an event proceed according to Art. 4 of these instructions.

3)     Set the crushing coarseness before switching the motor on. Release the lever (A) (release to the left), move the second lever (B) upwards to bring the rollers closer to each other and downwards to move them away from each other. You can thus easily adjust the gap between the rollers as required. When you have finished setting the rollers, lock the lever (A) (tighten it by turning it to the left) Use the black button (D) to switch on the motor and then use the pull bar (C) to open the blocking plate. After a while, slide the blocking plate back in, turn the engine off and check whether the crushed grain coarseness meets your requirements.

The blocking plate should be opened only enough for the engine to handle the load and not get stuck. This should be done with regards to the motor output (2.2 kW or 3 kW) as well as on the gap between the rollers. The smaller the gap, the less the blocking plate should be opened.

4)   If the motor gets stuck or if a foreign object gets between the rollers, proceed as follows:

Switch the motor off unless it has already been switched off by the overload fuse in the mains switch, close the blocking plate (C), release the lever (A), pull the second lever (B) as low as possible, switch the motor on for a short time (to let the rollers turn and the alien object fall out), then move the second lever (B) back to its original position, secure the first lever (A) and continue crushing like you did before.




1)     Never put your hand or tools into the blocking plate space in the hopper when the machine is in operation!

2)     When cleaning the machine, always disconnect it from the mains!

3)    When changing the poles of the motor, it also has to be disconnected from the mains in order to prevent electric shock!

4)     Electric wiring repairs must be carried out by a qualified expert.



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Manufacturer: Vladimir Stos
Cícenice 66
387 71
ID: 63429152
Tax ref. no.: CZ5511011638

Product: SUPER 1000 grain crusher

Product description and function:
Roller crusher, intended for flaking of agricultural products (all types of grain).

Declares on their exclusive responsibility
that the product concerned by this Declaration is in conformity with the following regulations and standards;

Government Decree no. 169/1997 Coll., Government Decree no. 170/1997 Coll., CUBP (Czech Workplace Safety Office) hygiene regulation no. 36/1977 of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic (MHCR), MHCR decree no. 13/1977,
CSN 49 61 00, CSN EN 292 – 1,2, CSN 83 2041, CSN 83 2002,
CSN 01 1603, CSN 01 01606, CSN EN 60204 – 1 and CSN 33 2310.

When considering the conformity it was proceeded pursuant to Section 12, Par. 4 (b) of Act no.
22/1997 Coll.

The product is safe under usual and intended use and I have accepted measures ensuring conformity of all products introduced on the market with the technical documentation: PN12 32 37 standard and fundamental requirements
In conformity with Government Decree no. 169/1977 Coll. and 170/1977 Coll.


In Cicenice on 20th December 2011………………………………
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