Vladimir Stos - Processing grain crushers
Vladimir Stos - Processing grain crushers
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Dear breeders of horses, cattle, sheep, goats, deer, ostriches and other livestock.

Our company offers a great aid for correct and economical feeding. You know better than us that it is not easy to achieve good and high quality yield in meat, milk and horse power. We have come to offer you all types of grain crushers.

Grain crushers of all kinds

Grain crushing or flaking is a well-known thing in the world and in our country as well.
However, in the Czech Republic it used to be greatly neglected and replaced by hammer crushers. Not even the coarsest groats can replace flaking, though.
The nutrition value and the utilization of flakes is 90% according to experts, whereas groats mixture (suitable for pigs) can boast only 45%.

This means that only half of fodder is consumed when crushing is used.

Besides that, crushed fodder supports better development of proventriculus at young ruminants.

We offer you two types of Getpony crushing machines with the output of 60 - 90 kg/hr.
These are intended mainly for small breeders. The other type, Super 1000, with the output of 600 - 1 000 kg/hr is intended for medium-sized and large entrepreneurs.

mačkač zrní
Grain crusher – from left Getpony. Super 1000 and rollers for renovated VSAG-3M






Technical specifications – grain crushers:

Type weight input output
GETPONY 25 kg 0,37 kW 60 - 90 kg/hr
SUPER 1000 70 kg 2,2 kW 600 - 900 kg/hr
  85 kg 3 kW 600 - 1100 kg/hr

usable lifetime of rollers – crushers:

GETPONY 7 - 7,5 unpurified grain wagons
SUPER 1000 min. 100 unpurified grain wagons

Hardened steel rollers constitute a unique feature

Hardened steel rollers constitute a unique feature of our crushers compared to our competition. The round shape of the tooth with the depth of 5 mm and screw-like pattern allows sufficient scope of gap setting between the crusher rollers. You can thus crush grain of various sizes and graininess. The shape of these rollers has a significant impact on the high output with low energy consumption, as seen in the attached table. By designing the teeth in this shape and hardness we have achieved extreme resistance against stones and metal and nearly zero wear. That is why our products boast unmatched usable lifetime.

The whole crusher is coated with environmentally friendly Komaxit coat which does not pose a threat to human health. It is a powder coating resistant to water and wear which is subsequently hardened at 200°C. Parts which could be susceptible to corrosion are subjected to special preventive treatment. The motor starter allows setting of motor load which protects the motor from being overloaded.

The whole machine has a 24-month warranty, the crusher roller has 3-year guarantee at SUPER 1000 and 2-year guarantee at GETPONY.

 Easy and safe operation

Crain crushers manufactured by Vladimir Stos in Cicenice near Pisek can boast easy and safe operation. The grains in the crusher are processed by pressure between two rollers. The gap between the rollers can be regulated, thus achieving the required flake thickness. Flaking means utilization of 90 per cent of grain nutrition value without losing vitamins or fodder weight. The finished flakes are intended both for immediate consumption and for storage. Grain crushers are a perfect choice for livestock breeders as well as agricultural companies manufacturing fodder mixtures.

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